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Expedition Ararat

Passing through eastern Turkey on our way down to the Himalayas and Mt. Everest during the spring of 2006, we came to pass a tall and the snow-covered mountain. Short on time and with bigger mountains to climb waiting on the horizon we were forced to drive on. Two years later however, the time and place is right and we are returning to Mt. Ararat to accept the challenge. 5137 meters tall and with temperatures of around negative 30, we set for a lot of ice, wind packed snow and classic big mountain conditions. There are also rumours floating around that Noah could have parked his ark somewhere in the vicinity. We’ve promised to keep an eye out…

Coming soon in English.

Mt. Ararat, 5137 m above sea level, Asia, 2008

Members: Olof, Martin, Petra, Maria

Status: Completed , Read report

Date: March, 2008

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