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Expedition Uganda

Rising over 5100 meters over the East African savannahs, Uganda’s Mt. Stanley is the highest peak in the Rwenzori Mountains. Sitting almost right on the equator and marking the border with Congo, the Rwenzoris form the highest mountain range in Africa and Mt. Stanley's Margherita Peak marks the third highest point in Africa after Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya further to the east. Still covered in snow by one of Uganda's seven remaining glaciers, the mountain still, from time to time, attracts some so inclined stubborn skiers willing to sacrifice the powdery fluff of North America and accessibility of the European Alps in favor of a three to four day approach through tropical rain forests, bogs, more bogs and swamps, before escaping up into the moorlands and high alpine terrain above 4500 meters, in order to reach 200-300 vertical meters of wet spring skiing. We are so inclined and thus once again packed our ski bags and boarded a plane to Entebbe...

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Mt. Stanley, 5109 m above sea level, Africa, 2009

Members: Martin, Olof, Petra, Maria

Status: Completed , Read report

Date: November - December, 2009

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